Our household has enjoyed the extended Miata season, but there's also a lot of winter prep happening for our properties right now. (After stacking wood in NH two weeks ago, we can attest: trimming back the garden is, it turns out, a lot nicer above 60 degrees.)
If you’re in New England, keep an eye on your plumbing this week! Pipes on exterior walls - commonly kitchen sinks, and sometimes bathrooms or even hot…
Including fix-or-flip before-and-afters and products to perfect your painting, these are five of my favorite features from 2021.
Early and often, I reassure my buyer clients that I truly love touring homes - it's not a waste of my time to visit in person. I love solving the…
What to watch for when the wind dies down
And how to uncover them early
What makes it a dormer and not just a roof?
I hope your year is off to a good start! Last weekend saw a big uptick in buyer demand on the ground, and this week is shaping up for more of the same …
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